About Celebration Banners

I have always wanted to be involved in my own business and my love of quilting, sewing and anything creative led me into working for a company supplying fabrics, designs and all the other things to do with fabrics.  Here my creative juices overflowed with ideas and slowly I have been designing all the banners you see.

My main passion has been for designing, so when I came up with the idea of a Celebration Banner it seemed a perfect business for me to get involved with.


Frame & Banner Design Work

First I designed my own frame so that it could simply but effectively display my own designed banners.

I wanted the frames to be of sufficient quality so that they could fit comfortably in any home but not be too fancy so as to take away any attention from the Celebration Banners and the beautiful work which will go in to them.

New Designs and Creations

I am constantly thinking about what new designs and creations I could come up with and often play with different stitches and techniques.  I have started to incorporate fabric as I love an excuse to do so, and have lots of lovely new designs on the ‘back burner’ so please visit the site regularly to be one of the first to see the new designs.

The ideas start off in a sketch form and then get transferred to felt and fabric to see how they will look,  the Banner develops from there.

We have recently introduced our own ‘Make up Service’, whereby we can supply you with a completed banner and frame ready to display, although we think you’ll be much more satisfied with the finished product if it’s something you have created yourself.

I would welcome any ideas or suggestions for designs, so please feel free to share your comments as we are always looking to improve our range and build our business – you can email me directly at info@celebrationbanners.com

Judy Munday – Designer and Creator

Wholesale & Reseller enquiries – we are happy to discuss wholesale or reseller enquiries, please email us for further information.